Why is Accident Insurance important?

When an employee suffers an accident, they can incur a variety of expenses, and in many cases miss time at work. Accident Plans help offset these cost and can provide a source of income to a family while the employee recovers. Accident coverage is different and more specific than disability coverage but offers a lower cost program that can help a family afford the costs associated with an injury. By providing the opportunity to select th right voluntary accident plan employers offer their employees an important option to their financial security. Accident plans:

  • Differ in design and how they pay.

  • Can have additional features that can enrich the program

  • Can be designed as a 24 hour plan or outside of work plan

With the number of choices in plan design, pay out options and carriers, The Benefits Cooperative along with it's broker, carrier, and employer partners helps negotiate the right plan for employees that will help meet their specific needs.




The Benefits Cooperative

The Benefits Cooperative is a collabaration of leading employee benefit brokers, enrollment companies, and voluntary benefit brokers partnering with insurance carriers, ancillary benefit providers, third party administrators, enrollment softwaresuppliers and other Employee Benefits related companies whose primary purpose is to enable our broker partners to provide a complete and tailored benefit package to employees and association members. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA The Benefits Cooperative has members and affiliates in 30 states who do business in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.