The Benefits Cooperative is dedicated to working with business to help them navigate through the employee benefits and HR world. Partnering with a company and their insurance representative, the cooperative creates the best customized overall benefits package utilizing carrier partners and other partner resources to meet each employees in each companies specialized needs. The Benefits Cooperative can partner with almost any company or association in the United States to help fulfill their benefits package, and often help provide the only insurance counseling an employee will have the opportunity to receive.  In addition, TBC can assist with other non-insurance benefits, retirement, HR consulting, payroll services, and a variety of other services.

Initially, a local Cooperative member partner consults with a President, HR director or other company officer about their current benefits package. They discover what is currently in place, what is working and what may be amiss. The member partner gathers other vital information about the business to understand how the company operates, the company's culture. Then utilizing the nationwide strength of The Benefits Cooperative, a custom benefits plan is created for the business by finding the best products, from the best carriers for that company and their employees. In the event that a company has a complete benefits package in place, the recommendation will be to continue with the current plan.

After a company approves of a plan, or any part of a package, their cooperative member partner will work with them to establish the initial employee counseling and communications sessions at the most appropriate time for the company and their employees. Also the schedule for all future sessions for new employees and for routine servicing will be established to insure that the employees are provided with the most up to date plans for their changing needs. In addition, as other questions, or concerns arise during the year and subsequent years, the Cooperative and it's partners will be their to provide an unparallelled level of service and dedication to finding and providing the best solutions to each employees needs.




The Benefits Cooperative

The Benefits Cooperative is a collabaration of leading employee benefit brokers, enrollment companies, and voluntary benefit brokers partnering with insurance carriers, ancillary benefit providers, third party administrators, enrollment softwaresuppliers and other Employee Benefits related companies whose primary purpose is to enable our broker partners to provide a complete and tailored benefit package to employees and association members. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA The Benefits Cooperative has members and affiliates in 30 states who do business in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.