Voluntary Life Insurance


Why do employees need Life Insurance?
In developing a complete Financial Security Plan for a family, one of the key components is life insurance. It is vital for a family to have a strong, solid plan when tragedy strikes. In addition to the loss of a loved one, the financial toll of the lost income and related financial burdens that accompany death can overwhelm a family. By providing this solid tenant of protection, a family can recover financially.
Most people will never receive financial and insurance counseling outside of their work and most employees have no life insurance outside of any group term life insurance provided by their employer. Group term life insurance is a huge value to any benefits package, but more often than not, families need more protection than their basic group plan provides. Each family's circumstances differ, so like all voluntary benefits, life insurance needs to be tailored and personalized to their own specific situations.
The Benefits Cooperative coordinates with insurance carriers, brokers, and employers to provide the best variety of life insurance, the best underwriting and the best solution for each employee.
Voluntary Life Insurance can be:
      • Term Life Insurance
      • Whole Life Insurance
      • Universal Life Insurance
      • Interest Sensitive Life Insurance
Every company is different and every family is different and each of type of Life Insurance can help solve a specific problem. The Benefits Cooperative, through its carrier and broker partners, is dedicated to finding and creating the right solution for each employer and every family.




The Benefits Cooperative

The Benefits Cooperative is a collabaration of leading employee benefit brokers, enrollment companies, and voluntary benefit brokers partnering with insurance carriers, ancillary benefit providers, third party administrators, enrollment softwaresuppliers and other Employee Benefits related companies whose primary purpose is to enable our broker partners to provide a complete and tailored benefit package to employees and association members. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA The Benefits Cooperative has members and affiliates in 30 states who do business in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.