Disability Insurance


Why is Disability Insurance Important?
What happens to a family if the primary source of income can no longer work because of a disability? If there is no supplemental income to help a family through this difficult time, a financial disaster could be on the horizon. Disability Insurance helps make up for lost income when an employee is temporarily unable to earn money due to a disability. It should be a central component to every employee's financial survival plan. Without it, a family may struggle to pay for basic necessities and financial obligations, such as mortgage or rent, car payments or utilities, even gas, and food. By utilizing a strong, personalized disability plan a family can survive until it can get itself back on its feet. Each disability plan must be customized to meet the specific needs of a company and family.
There are a variety of features in various disability plans:
      • Payment periods from 3 months to Age 65.
      • Different waiting periods for the benefits to kick in ranging from 0 days to 180 days.
      • Coverage can include work related disabilities or non-work related disabilities only.*
      • Optional additional coverage can be attached depending on the needs of the employer or employee.
The importance of  a strong Disability Insurance plan that effectively protects a family during the difficult transition period back to health makes it one of the most vital pillars of family financial planning. The Benefits Cooperative, along with its broker, carrier and employer partners, helps families negotiate through the intricate details of these plans and the state specific regulations that govern insurance programs.




The Benefits Cooperative

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